SimpliSocial Health Media is a modern day media marketing agency based in Greater Los Angeles, CA.

Built on the idea of bringing the right attention to your

Health & Wellness brand.

 SimpliSocial Health Media is built on the idea of bringing the right attention to your brand and business.

We are a dedicated team that shares a passion for Business Strategy, Digital Marketing and Social Media.

Together we create marketing campaigns to help businesses establish their presence in the market and connect with their customers.

What makes us different? Our team.

We value quality, innovation and creativity.

We develop strategies to connect people with brands in meaningful ways.

Our work’s purpose is to strengthen our clients’ brand and generate leads .

Our goal is to tie your marketing strategy to your business strategy.


Gwendolyn Limon is the founder of SimpliSocial Health Media she is a high energy, skilled and result oriented marketing and sales strategist who is committed to professionalism.

Accomplished in identifying and capturing market share opportunities to accelerate expansion and increase revenue.

Her passion truly lies within helping others and bringing value to the end consumer.

With a proven 13 year track record she's had the opportunity to manage and direct Fortune 500 Health and Wellness industry leaders from Caesars Palace Qua Bath & Spa, Color Salon by Michael Boychuck at Caesars Palace, Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging Centers and McKesson Speciality Health Corporation.  

After working in the corporate sector she decided to apply her knowledge  by opening her business in 2019.

Her belief is that there's power in partnership in every journey to success.

"My life is living proof that partnership is everything!

 I wouldn't be who I am today without the individuals who took a chance on me. 

What I can say is that I have always been the person to continuously teach myself, strategize, implement and adjust to the market.

Did I win all the time absolutely not!

But those losses taught me valuable lessons which in my eyes is essential to professional and self growth."



What We Do











 SimpliSocial Health Media believes in the power in partnership.

Thank you for choosing us...

Dr.Tara Washington

Radiation Oncologist,

US Oncology Network


Gwendolyn was a pleasure to work with during her time with us in marketing and network development. I found her to be energetic, yet composed.

We saw results from her efforts.

She demonstrated a clear aptitude for working in sales and cultivating professional relationships.

Charles Smith

Vice President Of Operations,

 McKesson Speciality Health 

Manhattan Beach,CA

Gwen is a thoughtful contributor with a demonstrated a track record of being a self-starter.

Her willingness to invest time in key customer relationships drove value to our organization.

Holly Ryan

Business Development Director

McKesson Speciality Health 


Gwen is a results-driven team player who understands sales and marketing strategies to achieve business objectives, possesses excellent presentation skills and ability to communicate effectively for optimal success for the business.

She would be a a great asset to any team!


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