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LinkedIn May Be Worth Your Health Brands Time in 2020

Updated: Mar 27

If you haven't been paying attention to LinkedIn, it may be worth more of your Health brands focus in 2020. The platform has been working to increase user engagement through various means, including improving its feed algorithm to give more user updates a greater of a share of overall attention, and showcasing more engaging, relevant news stories from the day, via its expanding team of 65 journalists who work to maximize user activity.

That's facilitated new growth on the platform, and new opportunities for engagement. Again, if you haven't tuned in and taken a look at the conversation around your business niche on the platform, it may well be worth your time, over the next few months, to dig a bit deeper, and get a better handle on the potential for your 2020 marketing efforts.

We suggest posting consistently throughout the week to provide value to your followers.

Here are some ideas:

Ask questions in your post: Questions are a great way to spark the conversation, which lead to more views.

- Include video in your posts: Keep videos that you post short, raw and authentic to get the most engagement .

- Share PowerPoints and PDF's: Documents help position your brand as a thought leader.

- Re-Share your page's best mentions : Showcase the voice of employees, key leaders and your patients or clientele.

- React and comment on your communities hashtag feeds to get your page in front of new audiences.

Click the link below to learn more.

Source Credit: Social Media Today,LinkedIn Business Pages



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